On "Clean Agile" Book by Uncle Bob

I’m a fan of Uncle Bob. I read Clean Code, Clean Coder, Clean architecture and now Clean Agile. Despite being opinionated, they provide valuable insight into software development. This book is very relevant because I just started working in an agile team. It gives more context of the practices that we use. I’ll summarize some lessons I’ve learned from the book.

  • Why Agile?

    • There’s the “Iron Cross of project management”. Good, fast, cheap, done. We can pick only 3 of the 4. In reality it is a tradeoff of the 4 attributes but a good manager should be able to better manage the coefficients with agile. (ch2)
  • What is Agile?

    • a framework that helps developers and managers execute this kind of pragmatic project management (ch2)
    • close collaboration, iterative development, short feedback loops and techical excellence to provide business agility and customer satisfaction (ch7)
    • about healing the divide between development and business (ch7)
  • Agile values (ch6)

    • Courage, communication, feedback and simplicity
  • Is Agile just a set of rules?

    • Ideology vs methodology (ch7)
    • Agile is about idea and ideals
    • Scrum, XP, etc are methods and practices
    • Agile is not fixed to a specific method. Methods can be adjusted according to the needs.
  • Is adopting Agile as simple as installing an Agile coach?

    • It requires a change in all business, team and technical practices
    • Business: planning, release cycles…
    • Team: continuous integration, standup meetings…
    • Technical: TDD, pair programming…
  • Can large teams use agile?

    • No
    • Large teams are composed of many small teams
    • Agile is for small software teams only (ch6)
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