Hello world!

Hello world! This is the first post of the blog.

Why did I start this blog?

I’m not good at writing and I don’t really enjoy doing it either. However, there’s too many things going on every day and I find it helpful to jot them down. It’s also a good exercise to summerize what you’ve done and write them down clearly and concisely.

Why is the blog named “Overthought”?

It is dangerous to dig too deep into the details at the planning stage of a side project or whatever. It causes mental and emotional fatigue as mentioned in this blog.

Sadly, I’m the one who always fall into this trap. Overthinking is harmful in a way that it ends up slowing you down and I suffer from this frequently. The name “Overthought” reminds me to avoid committing this mistake again.

The blog posts

The blog posts will be about my experience in development and programming or anything fun. They should be clear and concise so that they won’t become a burden.

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