On "Clean Agile" Book by Uncle Bob

I’m a fan of Uncle Bob. I read Clean Code, Clean Coder, Clean architecture and now Clean Agile. Despite being opinionated, they provide valuable insight into software development. This book is very relevant because I just started working in an agile team. It gives more context of the practices that we use. I’ll summarize some lessons I’ve learned from the book. Why Agile? There’s the “Iron Cross of project management”.

Takeaways from Google's Site Reliability Engineering Book

This popular book was on my list for a while until I recently have the time to read it. The book is about how the software systems are managed throughout their lifecycle in Google at its massive scale. Here I will jot down some key takeaways. SRE enables a better balance between innovation and reliability of products. (Chapter 3) Introducing planned outage may help identify parts that have false assumptions about reliability.