Revisiting Qt (Again): Compiling Qt in Windows

Last time when I compile Qt, I really thought that it would be the last time. No, it isn’t. A user reported that Penguin Subtitle Player cannot be used under a 32-bit OS. Of course! I compiled it in a 64-bit environment. Time to compile Qt (statically) again in Windows! Steps: Install the required tools: Python 2, ActivePerl, Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 Get the Qt source and decompress it Pro tip 1: Don’t use Windows built-in decompression utility because it is horribly slow.

Revisiting Penguin Subtitle Player and Qt

Update: There’s a new post about building Qt statically in Windows It has been a while since I last updated Penguin Subtitle Player. Anyways, after a few days of work, and more than a year of waiting since the last beta, here comes the first production release of Penguin Subtitle Player. Apart from developing multi-subtitle-format parser support for maximum flexibility and maintainability and fixing a few GitHub issues, most importantly, I have tidied up the project and code to meet the standard of a good open-source project.